Why should I use adsvideo.com?

Our service is a unique and convenient tool that provides your business with the YouTube opinion leaders. It's a known fact that when an opinion leader mentions the product or service in his content, the conversation around it quickly rises. In a matter of minutes, you will receive hundreds of YouTube channels relevant to your topic, their metrics, and contacts.

What do I get for my money?

Time is money, and you will save both by purchasing our useful tool that brings the effectiveness of a whole media buying department. We provide a solution for the first contact with YouTube vloggers and further cooperation with them.

How are the prices formed?

Our pricing policy is honest taking into the account the following:
  • It’s difficult it is to approach the opinion leaders who don't share their contact information publicly. Keep in mind that those contacts will stay with you forever;

  • Our algorithm that selects the proper YouTube opinion leaders for a certain topic is complex and unique. We spent a lot of time building it, created a few opinion leaders ourselves, studied the way YouTube search works, figured out how to calculate the relevance of a channel, and signed the deals with thousands of YouTube channel owners. This experience is priceless;

  • Processing a huge amount of requests to save your time, and a high traffic of users demanding this information leads to a large expenditure of technical equipment, resources, and maintenance.

What guarantees the quality?

We assure you an unhindered use of the services stated in the plan you have chosen. You independently manage the queries, mailings, metrics, and contacts presented in the plan. For your convenience, we have introduced a Demo that allows you to see and evaluate the services we provide.

Which key queries should be used?

All your key inquiries should be as relevant as possible to the product or your direct competitors. This ensures the most effective result in the selection of YouTube channels suitable for your ads.

What do I do with received YouTube channels?

We act as an intermediary between those who want to promote their product and those who can do this in the most efficient way. We are well aware of the motives and needs of both parties. Our service provides a solution for contacting YouTube vloggers about the cooperation in the form of mailing. This saves you time and brings to the next step – negotiations with chosen channels' owners about costs, scripts, and time frames.

What is the purpose of statuses?

Statuses are needed to show the current state of the channel in the chain of events like searching, contacting the owner, and ad placing.

What is the purpose of orders?

Orders are needed to understand how often and when your content was mentioned on the YouTube channel. Also, the system monitors and notifies you automatically if the opinion leader has removed the video with your order.

Why are there only several channels found (or none at all)?

Most likely, the conditions you set for the search are too strict. And there are no channels on YouTube that satisfy those requirements. Try searching only by a keyword and use the filter to see the results for the period of last six months. Please note that quite often the channel owners do not completely fill their profiles. This brings the unsuccessful results when searching by regions and languages.

How can I get new channels by a key query?

There are several options:
  • Please try again in a few days;

  • Try the similar key queries (see "Which key queries should be used?");

  • Edit the search conditions - specify a different period or the relevance of the channel.

Why do I find the channel on YouTube but not on the ADSvideo when using the same key queries?

Most likely you have found a new channel. It takes a few days for a new channels to appear in the search results of our service. This is due to the specific features of YouTube.

What does "Email is unavailable" means? How do I contact the channel owner?

It means that the channel's owner didn't leave the email address for commercial contact. You can go to that channel, follow the "About" tab and use the "Send message" button (we are bringing this feature in our solution shortly.) In case the "Send message" button is disabled, try leaving a comment under one of that channel's videos.

Can I send an email to multiple channels at the same time?

Can I send an email to multiple channels at the same time?

How do I get an answer from the channel?

Once the creator of the video responds to the email, his answer will be automatically forwarded to your email. The address specified in the profile in the "Email for communication with creators" field is the default email you entered when registering with the service. You can enter another address for receiving emails.

Where do I enter a new email to communicate with channel owners?

You can change it in your profile at the "Email for communication with creators" field.

How does it work (how are the channels selected)?

Our algorithm searches for keywords in channels and videos. We analyze the titles, descriptions and tags. Then we apply additional conditions entered by you to the channels we found (view count, relevance, language, etc.).

How is relevance determined?

The number of videos associated with a keyword is divided by the total number of videos on the channel and multiplied by 100%. Data is taken for the period specified in the search.